The importance of a good working website for your audience


A good website is becoming all the more important.
This is because almost everything has become available online. People use the internet for just about anything.
The same goes for finding information about a certain company or service. With the needed information and a good way to convey it to your visitors that interest can be pointed at you. That way you can lead people to your website and service. The next step is to keep them interested. This isn’t only done by the needed and useful information, the look and feel of the website is just as important to make it whole. This starts with the foundation of your website.

The Foundation

The foundation mostly consists of colors and shapes, which color and shapes varies from every industry. For example: you’re making a website for a pet store, you wouldn’t want to use dark colors or harsh shapes. This will not seem very inviting. Using round shapes and a fresh color like green will look much friendlier and thus inviting. If you are making a website for a computer store however, it wouldn’t harm to use more squires to keep it simple.

This does not mean that you can use this for every industry. People are expecting different things and feelings from different services. Maybe you are a photographer and want to display your work and offer your services.
In a website like this it would not be a good idea to add a lot of elements as this will take the attention away from your work, which is your selling point.
So instead, it would be good to go for a clean and simplistic website. One that would easily and clearly display your work and make them interested. Afterwards you can keep them interested by explaining why people should choose you. As you can see there are many and very different things to keep in mind when making a website.

I already have a website, so why should I renew it?

Especially in a digital age as this one it’s very important to have your website up to date.
If your website looks outdated people will quickly go and look elsewhere for their information and needs. Which means you will be potentially missing out on a lot of clients and/or customers.
This is exactly why you should get the focus on you, your business and what makes you stand out from all the rest.

Of course you don’t have to do this alone, Geertse Design will happily build and host your website for you!

Website design services
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